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Additional Services:
a) Cleaning: The procedures set for the cleaning service during the stay and included in the rental fee vary in accordance with the property and are expressly indicated in each property’s descriptive table. Normally the cleaning is done in the morning, possible variations will be communicated in advance. The cleaning service included in the rental is only a guarantee for the maintenance of the house and is not provided as a personal service for the guest. We invite you to check with Salento Nascosto for the possibility to make use of an extra cleaning service solely for your needs such as making the beds, straightening up the kitchen and washing the dishes, laundry and ironing of guest items, etc. The hourly cost of the requested extra service will be calculated in accordance with local prices.

b) Final Cleaning: All our properties (except in very rare cases) include the final cleaning. The house must be left in the condition in which it was found and, failing this, a sum will be withheld from the deposit. For rentals of only one week when there is only one cleaning arranged, this will coincide with the final cleaning which is done on the day of departure.

c) Linen Change: The linen change is normally done on Saturday and includes all linens of the house such as the bath towels, bed sheets and kitchen linens. Each extra change has a cost of € 15 per person.

d) Cradle/Cot: Some properties offer the possibility to make use of a cradle/cot at the cost of € 15 per night.

e) Additional Beds: Some properties offer the possibility to add an additional bed. The cost for each additional place to sleep is indicated in the Descriptive Table of each house.

Advice: We advise you to always have with you a detailed map of Salento as the area is rich with a rural road system often without road signs or unclear ones however. Of enormous help will be the hospitableness of the locals, always ready to give directions and advice, thanks to which you will feel at home even in the smallest village of the province.

Animals: We remind you that the majority of the houses are located in the countryside and it is therefore probable that common insects and small animals such as spiders, geckos, and mosquitoes enter the house. To avoid these unexpected guests we ask you to take care to keep the screens closed where present and however to not be alarmed because they are innocuous animals. Considering that in Salento the maximum distance to the sea is a few kilometres, the presence of mosquitoes is normal; we advise you to always have insect repellent with you which will help especially during the hours of sunset.

Arrival and Departure Times: To arrange the meeting place and time you will be contacted by a Salento Nascosto staff member who will accompany you to your rental property and will provide you with useful information for your stay. One of us will be with you also at the time of departure. We remind you that arrival is from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. after which the arrival must be agreed upon in advance with Salento Nascosto. Arrivals after midnight will be postponed to the following day. When the arrival delay is not due to Salento Nascosto no reimbursement will be made. Departure is by 10 a.m. if not otherwise agreed upon.


Billing: The issuance of the bill is at the time of payment of the account, or in any case the first payment, and will be issued to the name of the person indicated on the Reservation Form. In case of billing a person other than who has signed the form, we ask you to inform Salento Nascosto prior to payment, providing all the necessary information for the different bill. Failing this Salento Nascosto reserves the right to vary and/or cancel documents already issued.


Check-in & Check-out: Upon arrival as well as departure, you will be asked to sign the Check-in & Check-out Form on which will be indicated the utilities, the extras, payments to be made on-site, and any possible notes and/or indications.


Deposit: The predetermined deposit for each property is indicated in the Descriptive Table as well as the Reservation Form and should be provided in cash upon arrival if it has not already been sent via bank transfer with the balance. In this latter case, do not forget to indicate such in the object of payment. The entire deposit will be returned to you if the property and its contents have not suffered any damages. Failing this, a sum equal to that of the damage will be withheld from the deposit and the remainder will be returned to you. The sum to be returned will be paid upon departure or immediately after by the same payment terms by which the deposit was made.

Documents: All the reservation documents (Reservation Form, Descriptive Table, Reservation Terms & Conditions must be read carefully, filled out correctly in each section and signed on each page. To confirm your reservation, you must send Salento Nascosto both the requested deposit and a copy of the Reservation Form via email or fax within and no more than 7 days of Salento Nascosto’s mailing it. The original copies of all reservation documents must be sent by postal mail to Salento Nascosto within and no later than 20 days of the date the documents were signed. Lack of even one of these documents jeopardises the good outcome of your reservation.


Emergencies: Upon arrival you will be given the number of the house custodian: person in charge, guardian, gardener, etc. For any emergency regarding the house you can contact this person directly, unless otherwise agreed with Salento Nascosto. For any other emergency (medical assistance, security, etc.) Salento Nascosto will see to providing you with all the useful numbers.

Extra Services: Salento Nascosto can assist you in arranging extra services not included in the table such as a cook, babysitting, transportation, rentals, courses, guided visits, etc. We suggest that you request these services with ample advance, to allow us to make the best of our local knowledge available to you and to make use of the professionalism of our partners.
All the extra and additional services are provided only upon request and must be requested at least 30 days prior to your arrival. The cost is established up-front if it is not already indicated in the Descriptive Table and is always to be considered additional to the rental fee and chargeable to the guest.
To guarantee an efficient service we ask you to collaborate with all the staff and aid them in the work to be done.


How to Arrive: At the time of the balance payment and in any case prior to your arrival you will be sent the Driving Directions to get to the property or the prearranged place to meet the Salento Nascosto staff member.


Internet: Some of our houses are equipped with a telephone line and only a few of them have a DSL connection. There are however internet points in the area. Alternatively we recommend using a USB modem that connects to your portable computer which can be purchased in any telephone or electronics store.


Our Offer: The Salento Nascosto website tries to illustrate our offer in a clear and accurate manner, which is also helped by the numerous and diverse images. The Descriptive Tables that will be sent to you after your request supply all the details for each individual property: the services included and excluded, the cost of each service not included and/or how the utilities are calculated if they are not included, etc. We suggest that you read these tables very carefully as they contain all the information regarding the offer in which you are interested. For this reason we always ask you to sign the descriptive table pertinent to your reservation as well as the contract of which it is an integral part.


Payment: Indicated in the Reservation Form you will find all the details regarding the procedures and terms of payment. At the time of reservation you will be asked to supply a deposit of 30% that must be paid within 7 days of the date on which you will receive the finalised Reservation Form. Lack of paying the deposit jeopardises the good outcome of your reservation. Payment of the balance must be received by the 45th day prior to the planned arrival. Any variation in payment must be agreed upon in advance with Salento Nascosto.

Pets: Not all of our properties allow pets. For those properties which are willing to accept animals a suitable deposit of  € 300 is required to be paid in cash upon arrival. This deposit will be returned at departure excepting any damages caused by the pet.


Rental Period and Prices: The rental period of your property is a minimum of one week and typically is from Saturday to Saturday (unless otherwise agreed upon with Salento Nascosto and/or indicated in the Descriptive Table). In case of different requirements, we invite you to ask us for information prior to finalising the reservation. The prices indicated in Euro refer to the weekly rental (except for a few rare exceptions explicitly indicated).

Reservation: It is important for us to understand your specific needs. We ask you therefore to indicate as much information as possible for us to best meet your requirements and quickly find the best choice.


Swimming Pool: The hours of the pool are indicated in paperwork that you will be asked to sign upon arrival. We remind you that none of the pools are guarded. We advise you to be extremely attentive of yourselves and all your guests and to always remember to mind your children of whom you are the sole person responsible. Almost all the pools are in common use with the owners and/or other guests; each guest must ensure a behaviour of reciprocal politeness and respect for one another according to the rules of good manners.



a) Airports: The closest airports are Bari-Palese "Karol Wojtyla" e Brindisi-Casale (detto anche Aeroporto internazionale del Salento). Info: www.seap-puglia.it

b) Bus: Transportations between the numerous towns of Salento are not always easy as the public transportation for the smaller towns is not guaranteed. During the summer season new lines are run, for info:
www.salentointrenoebus.it   or  www.salentoinbus.it
If you come by plane or train, you can ask Salento Nascosto to help you arrange a transportation service. If you do not have a car, we advise you to rent one. Salento Nascosto will advise you who to ask or you can do it upon arrival directly with the rental company at the airport.

c) Train Stations: The Lecce train station is the main train terminal. The rail network of Salento is managed by Ferrovie del SUD-EST, for info www.fseonline.it


Utilities and Costs Included: Not all utilities are included in the rental and the cost changes according to the property. Almost all of our houses have a system to calculate exactly how much was consumed during your stay. For the properties which have a consumption tied to a min-max, a reading will be taken from the appropriate meters upon your arrival and departure and the sum to be paid will be calculated based on the rates of the companies providing the utility. It is obligatory that the sums due for the utilities and reported on the Check-in Check-out form must be paid at the time of departure.